Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ornette Coleman - Naked Lunch (2005)

Naked Lunch showcases the collaboration between jazz artist Ornette Coleman and Academy Award winning composer Howard Shore(Lord of the Rings trilogy). This jazz soundtrack includes an ensemble collection of Coleman's musicians including J.J. Edwards, Aziz Bin Salem, David Hartley, Barre Phillips, Denardo Coleman and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

01. Naked Lunch
02. Hauser and O'Brien/Bugpowder
03. Mugwumps
04. Centipede
05. The Black Meat
06. Simpatico/Misterioso
07. Fadela's Coven
08. Interzone Suite
09. William Tell
10. Mujahaddin
11. Intersong
12. Dr. Benway
13. Clark Nova Dies
14. Ballad/Joan
15. Cloquet's Parrots/Midnight Sunrise
16. Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted
17. Welcome to Annexia
18. Writeman