Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Illumination!: Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison Sextet

Recorded in 1963 and co-led by John Coltrane's drummer and bassist (Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison), the music is most significant for introducing Sonny Simmons (alto and English horn) and Prince Lasha (flute and clarinet), who are joined in the sextet by underrated baritonist Charles Davis and Trane's pianist McCoy Tyner. Each of the musicians except Jones contributed an original (there are two by Davis); the music ranges from advanced hard bop to freer sounds that still swing. While Garrison's contributions are conventional (this was his only opportunity to lead or co-lead a date), Jones is quite powerful. However, it is the playing of both Simmons, who tears it apart on English horn during 'Nuttin' Out Jones,' and Lasha (when is he going to be rediscovered and recorded again?) that make this early 'New Thing' date of greatest interest.


marram62 said...

1. Nuttin' Out Jones
2. Oriental Flower
3. Half and Half
4. Aborigine Dance in Scotland
5. Gettin' on Way
6. Just Us Blues

Rainer said...

There will be no rerecording of Prince Lasha since he died nearly a year ago--this past December. But Sonny Simmons is another story. He's made numerous new recordings on his own, with others, and with the Cosmosamatics.

marram62 said...

cool! i'll be sure to try and check that stuff out,Rainer!

2bad said...

For you flac fans:
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So nice of Melanchthon to keep his files up for us after his blog disappeared. Often they can still be found using
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God, he had the best blog ever! The only thing he did wrong was to use Rapidshit and Blogger. May we all learn from his mistakes.
Thank you, Mel!

Kneigh said...

2bad: I can only second your motion that Melanchthon had the best blog going!! I really got off just going there and reading all the post info. Plus, his rips & scans were impeccable!! I hope he returns soon, somewhere or another!!

Melanchthon, if you read this, we all miss you, man!! Thanx for all the awesome work you did!!


ASDLR said...

Hi! Can anyone re-up this in FLAC ? All links are dead and impossible to find the album anywhere. Thanks a million