Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Jazz Crusaders The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions

First-Time Ever Set From A One-of-a-Kind Band.

From their first recordings, The Jazz Crusaders proved they sounded like no one else. They took as their foundation what Joe Sample called the three pillars of African American music: jazz, blues and gospel. So many of the songs could only have come from this band, whose unique approach to writing sustained them over their many years of working together. Each member would bring tunes to the session, where they would work over them as a team. The result would be complex phrases, uncommon segment lengths and music tinged with many elements.

It's no surprise that a band as committed to ensemble writing would excel at ensemble playing, and The Jazz Crusaders were masters of the art through this period of their history. Henderson's liquid trombone, Felder's hot Texas tenor, Hooper's driving beat, and Sample's commanding, confident piano style, make the perfect blend.

When they surfaced in Los Angeles in 1961, poised to make their first LP, no one knew quite what to make of these musicians who seemed unlike any other "West Coast" organizations. Not only weren't they part of the west coast sound, whatever that was, but they didn't seem to even care about it or recognize its relevance. The Jazz Crusaders featured their own eclectic line-up; played a signature mix of sounds, all with an appealing, tight groove, that had more to do with the music's roots than a lot of the jazz they were hearing. The music they played was typical of their hometown, Houston, Texas - bluesy, soulful, and spirited.

A great discovery lies ahead for music buyers whose collections were assembled primarily in the CD era. And for others who let intervening years dull their memory of this band's truly original talent. This is the first major retrospective of The Jazz Crusaders and this collection, from the 1960s, presents them at a time when they were largely un-amplified, full of energy, and unbelievably prolific.


marram62 said...

1. The Geek 5:39
2. M.J.S Funk 5:56
3. That's It 4:43
4. Freedom Sound 8:22
5. Theme From Exodus 3:49
6. Coon 4:20
7. M.J.S. Funk (alternate version) 8:13
8. Coon (alternate version) 5:45
9. Song Of India 4:04
10. Big Hunk Of Funk 5:00
11. Tonight 2:52
12. 507 Neyland 3:59
13. Till All Ends 3:32
14. Tortoise & The Hare 4:24
15. In A Dream 3:22
16. The Young Rabbits 3:38


marram62 said...

1. Sinnin' Sam 4:41
2. Weather Beat 2:34
3. Scandalizing 4:30
4. White Cobra 4:52
5. Cathy's Delight 3:00
6. Congolese Sermon 3:48
7. One Leg Dance 5:17
8. Deacon Brown 3:41
9. Turkish Black 5:33
10. Brahms Lullaby 4:42
11. Boopie 4:22
12. Tough Talk 2:20
13. No Name Samba 2:25
14. Lazy Canary 4:17
15. Lonely Horn 3:53
16. Brother Bernard 4:24
17. Moon River 4:42


marram62 said...

1. On Broadway 2:31
2. Greenback Dollar 2:22
3. Close Shave 2:39
4. Free Sample 3:34
5. Mr. Sandman 2:58
6. Heat Wave 2:55
7. Sassy 4:28
8. Theme From "The L-Shaped Room" (T-Shaped Twist) 4:07
9. Some Samba 2:34
10. Stix March 2:45
11. Purple Onion 2:56
12. Long John 5:00
13. Robbins' Nest 5:44
14. You Are Sometimes Only Rain 3:29
15. Out Back 6:04
16. Bachafillen 5:54
17. I'll Remember Tomorrow 4:52
18. Polka Dots And Moonbeams 5:41
19. Sweetwater 3:11


marram62 said...

1. The Thing 4:44
2. Sunset In The Mountains 5:11
3. While The City Sleeps 3:36
4. White Cobra 4:47
5. New Time Shuffle 4:45
6. Para Mi Espoza 6:40
7. Soul Kosher 5:40
8. Tribute To Charles 5:52
9. A Trane Thing 3:23
10. New Time Shuffle (alternate version) 4:26
11. The Thing (alternate version) 5:30
12. Uptight (Everything's Alright) 2:26
13. The Shadow Do 2:36
14. Scratch 2:40
15. Isa's Chant 2:34


marram62 said...

1. Blue Monday 8:44
2. Night Theme 7:27
3. Uh Huh 6:16
4. Air Waves 9:21
5. Ice Water 6:41
6. Watts Happening 5:12
7. Promises, Promises 5:17
8. Love And Peace 3:21
9. Hey Jude 3:24
10. Sting Ray 3:38
11. Fancy Dance 4:27


marram62 said...

1. Love Is Blue 4:38
2. Cookie Man 5:39
3. Upstairs 3:13
4. Firewater 6:23
5. Give Peace A Chance 2:26
6. I Think It Was A Dream 5:48
7. Black Bird 2:37
8. The Thrill Is Gone 3:01
9. Anita's New Dance 5:13
10. Space Settlement 11:09
11. All The Lonely Years 4:56
12. Another Blues 6:46


fortherecord said...

thank you for this - I have been looking for a long time to purchase this - for now I will enjoy, and if I ever find it to buy - I will do so

marram62 said...

you're welcome......enjoy!

Dan Buskirk said...

My downloads seem to be missing a few cuts:
disc 1 #16
disc 3 #19
disc 6 #'s 10, 11, 12

Thanks, wonderful music!

wayne said...

THANKS!! Been trying to find "Freedom Sound" in any format for years. It was the first Jazz album I really listened to when it came out. I was 12 and my vinyl copies are pretty whipped. now this collection is unavailable.

swamielmo said...

thanks again marram62, I have just found your site and am impressed with the quality of taste.

Arkiver said...

The Jazz Crusaders, particularly the original (acoustic) version, always struck me as an unique sound. While you can draw parallels to other well known jazz combos of the early 60's, I always felt that Wilton & Wayne put a stamp on a quality that just didn't come through with any of their contemporaries. I cut my teeth on Pass The Plate and since have collected as many of their LP's and CD's as I could. But this collection seems to offer some rare additions to my experience. I can't thank you enough for sharing this awesome collection.

rimbaud said...

many thanks, friend!! it's a wonderful present...bye and see you soon

Anonymous said...

marram62...I am trying to find Jazz Crusaders "The Thing" album. Unfortunately, it's not available on Amazon or iTunes and your link does not work anymore. Do you know where/how I can get it?