Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section (1993)

Whatever happened to Eric Kloss? A brilliant player by the time he was 20, Kloss has largely disappeared from the jazz scene since his string of excellent recordings (mostly for Prestige and Muse) stopped in 1981. This particular CD reissue has two complete albums (To Hear Is to See and Consciousness) that feature Kloss with the Miles Davis rhythm section of the period (keyboardist Chick Corea, electric bassist Dave Holland, and drummer Jack DeJohnette); the second session also has innovative guitarist Pat Martino. It is to Eric Kloss' great credit that he keeps up with his more famous sidemen on the adventurous program, which is comprised of his seven originals and one song apiece by Pat Martino, Joni Mitchell, and Donovan ("Sunshine Superman"). The music blends together aspects of the avant-garde and fusion and rewards repeated listenings...AMG

01 To Hear Is to See
02 The Kingdom Within
03 Stone Groove
04 Children of the Morning
05 Cynara
06 Sunshine Superman
07 Kay
08 Outward Wisdom
09 Song to Aging Children
10 Consciousness


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Diggin the Kloss, thanks for the post.

Olde Edo said...

Re: "Whatever happened to Eric Kloss?": have a look at the interview from 2005 here:

Eric's family and mine were friends from their college days, and I used to play with him as a kid (not as in "play jazz", just goof around like kids do); he introduced me to Ornette's Free Jazz not long after it came out, but it took a while for me to grasp :) During college in the early 70's, I used to hang around in his basement and talk music, philosophy (his major) etc., and he'd show me what he was doing, sometimes rehearsing with his groups.
He played regularly at a Sonny Day's jazz bar near U. of Pittsburgh, and I'd catch his act. Never forget when J.C. Moses showed up during jam night--in spite of his physical condition, he raised the voltage 100%.
Lost contact with Eric after moving to Japan 35 years ago, but I did meet his parents a few times in the early 90's -- wonderful people, who were very proud of Eric and missed him a lot.

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@ Olde Edo...
I liked your comment

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Thank you for this. I'm just discovering Eric Kloss.

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