Friday, May 21, 2010

Roy Ayers Quartet (1976)

session produced by Herbie Mann
Originally Issued in Japan as
12 inch direct to disk 45 rpm's


Roy Ayers - Vibes
Sonny Sharrock - Guitar
Miroslav Vitous - Bass
Bruno Carr - Drums

1 - Unchain My Heart - Comin' Home Baby
2 - A Man And A Woman - Scarborough Fair
3 - If I Were A Carpenter
4 - All Blues


marram62 said...

Bill said...

This looks GOOD! Thank you!

Weekend Hippie said...

You gotta hand it to Japan!

While Roy was riding high on his soul funk lp's in the USA, Japan had him cutting direct to disc Jazz records there.

Many thanks for all your hard work!

Ian said...

Anything with Mr. Sharrock's name attached to it is yippy skippy by me. Many thanks for the post.

Cranky Henry said...

Yeah man! I've only seen the 45s of this - didn't know it had become an album. Great stuff, the band turns stuff that could have easily become pop fluff into some abstract other side of the tracks type stuff. Sharrock is always awsome. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

psychedelic_head said...

Cool, Very Cool! Thanks.

Andy said...

Excellent thanks