Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sun Ra - Heliocentric Worlds

CD 1
1. Heliocentric 4:19
2. Outer Nothingness 7:39
3. Other Worlds 4:36
4. The Cosmos 7:32
5. Of Heavenly Things 5:46
6. Nebulae 3:21
7. Dancing In The Sun 1:55

CD 2
1. The Sun Myth 18:21
2. A House Of Beauty 4:55
3. Cosmic Chaos 15:12

CD 3
1. Intercosmosis 17:05
2. Mythology Metamorphosis 4:17
3. Heliocentric Worlds 4:18
4. World Worlds 5:09
5. Interplanetary Travelers 5:06


Anonymous said...

Hi and Happy New Year! Thanks for the Sun Ra . . . looks like you've got the same link for CD1 & CD2 - is that possible? Maybe I'm not seeing it right . . . whatever the case, thanks for your great blog!

Anonymous said...

cd 1 and 2 have the same adres?????

Anonymous said...

los link del cd1 y cd2 son iguales

JWDen said...

Love your blog - the Sun Ra has been especially nice but I also loved "The Scaffold." Could we get a link for CD1, though? Thanks for all your hard work!

marram62 said...

cd 1

cd 2

cd 3

marram62 said...

hey! happy new year to you, too!...sorry 'bout the mix-up! too much happy juice that night? nah, not me! whatever...thanks for the nice comments!... should be all better now.

Anonymous said...

thanks! great blog, fabulous music!

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Anonymous said...


roberth said...

hey thanks for keeping the links active!!!!!!
great stuff i have this on vinyl but its useful to have on digi.