Saturday, April 23, 2011


01. Yo! Ho Chi Minh Is In The House 12:00
02. Tunnel Rat 9:06
03. Moments For KIA-MIA 11:34 )
04. Fire In The Hole :48
05. Saigon Phunk 9:19
06. Band Introduction 1:32
07. Bien Hoa Blues 9:30

Billy Bang - violin
Frank Lowe - tenor saxophone
James Zollar - trumpet
John Hicks - piano
Curtis Lundy - bass
Michael Carvin - drums


marram62 said...

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you for posting this. This band was one Billy Bang performed with around NYC about 10 years ago. I remember seeing him at what was once called the "Electric Circus" on St. Mark's place. For a brief moment the space was hosting band like this. I don't even think it lasted long enough to have had a name. Now it sells t-shirts to tourists.

It is sad to think of the passing of Frank Lowe and Billy Bang. They produced tremendous music on a continual basis. Creating beauty in these temporary spaces around NYC. Changing forever the way I look at my home here.

peskypesky said...

i am really enjoying this. a very fresh and alive set. inspired playing. thanks for posting and turning me on to this.

i really regret that i never got around to seeing Billy Bang perform here in NYC. i need to start going to more shows.

marram62 said...

Mr. Billy Bang was, and through his music will always be, a legendary musician, perhaps remembered best as the Coltrane of the violin...a very sad passing indeed.

May 1, 2011 6:08 AM

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much! :-)

marram62 said...


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Zoot said...

I guess I came too late to check these out.I did work with Frank Lowe,Rashid Ali,Earl Freeman, and Juma Sultan,in the band playing for Noah Howard in 1972.Frank was a nice guy and an exciting player. One of your earlier comments mentioned the "Electric Circus",another place which coincidentally was a position where we were the house band in 1967-8 "Circus Maximus" . It was a kind of disco - dance scene with bands like "Sly ","
The Chambers Brothers", and other pop groups . I didn't know that it ever opened up to free jazz like "Bang" but I didn't stop in after 1974,if it was still there at that time.Anyway , I hope there will still be other sides to dig . Keep on punchin'

peter said...

found it here: