Monday, January 18, 2010

Kenny Garrett - Beyond the Wall

Often considered the last great sideman of Miles Davis, Garrett emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a definitive voice of the alto saxophone. His 2006 release, Beyond the Wall, is inspired by Garrett's journey through China and has the feeling of an album that was a lifetime in the making. With East vs. West underpinnings and a pairing of old (Pharoah Sanders) against new (Garrett), the title track explores these contrasts, yet is still bound together by Coltrane-like spirituality and McCoy Tyner-like musicality. Garrett's intensity might overwhelm some, but his playing on this track exhibits his style at its most inspired level.

01. Calling
02. Beyond The Wall
03. Qing Wen
04. Realization (Marching Toward The Light)
05. Tsunami Song
06. Kiss to the Skies
07. NOW
08. Gwoka
09. May Peace Be Upon Them


Kenny Garrett (alto sax)
Pharoah Sanders (tenor sax)
Brian Blade (drums)
Robert Hurst (bass)
Mulgrew Miller (piano)

Recorded: New York, February 19-21, 2006


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