Friday, August 20, 2010

Billy Cobham - Alivemutherforya (1978)

Drummer Billy Cobham is heard on this live set heading an all-star quintet also including Tom Scott on tenor, soprano and lyricon, keyboardist Mark Soskin, guitarist Steve Khan and electric bassist Alphonso Johnson. Although the music is mostly funky and uses plenty of electronics (Scott sounds quite faceless on lyricon), there are some strong solos, particularly from Khan and Scott (when he is on tenor). The six group originals are highlighted by "Bahama Mama," "Some Punk Funk" and "On a Magic Carpet Ride." Due to the amount of variety and spontaneity, Alivemutherforya is superior to most of these musicians' individual projects of the era...AMG

01 "Anteres"-The Star - Billy Cobham
02 Bahama Mama - Alphonso Johnson
03 Shadows - Tom Scott
04 Some Punk Funk - Steve Khan
05 Spindrift - Tom Scott
06 On a Magic Carpet Ride - Billy Cobham


marram62 said...

freebones said...

awesome! i've just begun to really explore the first mahavishnu sidemen in depth, and this is a killer! thanks, my friend!


Anonymous said...

A completely new land for me to discover.

Many Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Johnny Kinkdom sez: Thanks for saving me the LP rip. Loved this band in concert so I bought the LP which is a fair representation of what I heard 33 years ago. Still holds up to today except for Fender Rhodes.

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