Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jean-Luc Ponty - Live (1979)

01.Aurora Part 1
02.Aurora Part 2
03.Imaginary Voyage Part 3
04.Imaginary Voyage Part 4
06.No Strings Attached
07.Egocentric Molecules

Treat yourself to a piece of JLP history as you are front and center at a live performance recorded in late 1978 during the California leg of the Cosmic Messenger tour. Blistering guitar solos from both Jamie Glaser and Joaquin Lievano, intricate keyboards from Allan Zavod, and powerful "double kick" drumming from Casey Scheuerell. An explosive performance by Ralphe Armstrong on bass, and of course the genius of Jean-Luc Ponty on the electric violin. A great "must have" work of art for all Ponty diehard fans or JLP "newbies".


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