Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Giuseppi Logan Quartet

The Giuseppi Logan Quartet

1. Tabla Suite
2. Dance of Satan
3. Dialogue
4. Taneous
5. Bleecker Partita

Giuseppi Logan - tenor & alto saxophone, bass clarinet, pakistani oboe
Don Pullen - piano
Eddie Gomez - bass
Milford Graves - drums, tabla

Perhaps its the laid-back anarchy of this session or the unusual instrumentation on some tracks (tabla, Pakistani oboe, strummed piano strings) which situate it more in some childlike hippie bohemia instead of the usual high-energy free jazz idiom. Logan comes off as an Ayler/Coltrane with perhaps limited technique and weaker tone. But altogether the players eventually cohere and the considerable charm of this music emerges. This is also pianist Don Pullen's debut in addition to a rare appearance by free jazz shaman Milford Graves.


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looks awesome! can't wait to hear it. thanks, brother.


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thanks man