Thursday, August 19, 2010

Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie - Smokin' (1983)

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1982.

01 Chiquita Linda 6:28
02 Looks Bad, Feels Good 4:35
03 Some Other Kind 5:41
04 Red Baron 8:43
05 Situation Comedy 10:40

Percussion, Drums, Producer - Billy Cobham
Guitar - Dean Brown
Keyboards - Gil Goldstein
Bass - Tim Landers


marram62 said...

freebones said...

awesome! i've just begun enjoying good ol' bill cobham's solo work, so this is a real treat!


marram62 said...

B.C. was one of the first cats i got into back in the ol' high school days. i got this LP new for my 21st b-day!...

Anonymous said...

Johnny Kinkdom sez: Thanks for this post as I hadn't heard this one before. If you haven't heard BC solo before, you should start with "Spectrum" or "Crosswinds" or the 2cd collection posting here. You will get a much better idea of how BC went from Mahavishnu to Master Funkness.